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Patents by Attorney Michael Feigin

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U.S. Patent 9,531,710: Fingerprint and Behavior Analysis to Authenticate User (Software Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,529,987: Authenticate Multiple Users Based on Behavior (Software Patent)
U.S. Patent D775,310: Bent Distillation Head (Design / Chemical Patent)
U.S. Patent D774,614: Tent (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,517,858: Compactly Stacking Wire Chafing Stand (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,517,369: Heat Expanding Conduit Wire as Fire Stop (Chemical/Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,510,652: Locket with Picture (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D772,981: Pen with Compressible Tip Stylus (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,499,440: Recycling Heavy Metal Waste (Chemical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,499,340: Gravity Conveyor Patent (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,498,877: Shovel Patent (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D772,157: Curved Solar Panel (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D771,936: Key Holder (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,492,022: Sheet and Bed Tightener (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D771,758: Plush Toy (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,486,016: Clavicle Port Bra (Accessory / Fashion / Medical Patent)
U.S. Patent D771,312: Raised Bow (Fashion / Accessory Patent)
U.S. Patent D768,997: Pooch Smooch (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,464,392: Battery Operated Parking Barrier (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D768,797: Tentsile Tree Tent (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D767,892: Garment Bag and Luggage Combination (Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent D766,590: Foam Hair Brush (Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,439,521: Angled Hook and Locking Connector (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,414,712: Wire Chafing Stand with Compact Stacking (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D764,905: Triangular Can Package (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D763,569: Phone Purse (Fashion/Accessory Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,409,770: Adsorbable Gas Storage System and Production Method (Chemical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,393,339: Optical Fiber Air Filter (Electro-mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D762,009: Hair Curling Sponge (Accessories / Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D761,514: Container in Garbage (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D759,925: Broom Cover (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D759,824: Sleep Apnear Retainer (Medical Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D757,401: Ponytail Hat (Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,344,354: Redirect Call to Voice-Over-IP (Telecommunications Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,341,867: 3D Printed Custom Eye-wear (Technology Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,339,678: Modular Resistance Force System (Figlin)(Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D755,322: Triangle Tent Mat (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D754,024: Gem setting in basket (Jewelry Patent)
U.S. Patent D753,479: Clamshell Package (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D753,370: Shirt with Pocket (Design Patent (Cheryl Figlin))
U.S. Patent 9,305,260: Behaviorial Biometrics to Authenticate a User (Technology Patent)
U.S. Patent D753,016: Gem Setting in a Basket (Jewelry Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,301,140: Second Level Authentication Based on Behavioral Usage Data (Technology Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,298,912: Human or Computer Swipe Pattern Detection (Technology Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,295,343: Restraint and Support for Child in a Chair (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,289,887: Wrench with integrated support rest (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,289,035: Self-adjustable jewelry clasp (Jewelry Patent)
U.S. Patent D752,293: Hair Extension Clip (Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent D751,945: Gem Setting in a Basket (Jewelry Patent)
U.S. Patent D751,877: Wallet card multi tool (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,273,893: Rapidly Freezing Spherically Shaped Cryogenic Foods (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D750,721: Tree Tent (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,270,816: VOIP to POTS Patent Based on Line Quality & Bandwidth (Telecommunications Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,261,217: Resin Layer Expansion into Pipe for Point Repair (Chemical / Mechanical)
U.S. Patent D749,455: Tessellating Ring Design(Jewelry)
U.S. Patent 9,226,571: Water-line Toothbrush Cleaner (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,226,296: RF Channel Allocation (Electrical)
U.S. Patent 9,223,027: Rescue Device for Overboard Passenger - Automated (Electrical)
U.S. Patent D745,738: Hookah Bowl Patent (Design)
U.S. Patent 9,204,752: Layered Coffee Brewing Cup (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,192,702: Autonomous Artificial Heart (Medical)
U.S. Patent D744,042: Sign Cover (Design)
U.S. Patent D741,720: Rectangular Perfume Bottle (Design)
U.S. Patent 9,157,661: Solar Panel Servicing Patent (Electro-mechanical)
U.S. Patent D738,220: Perfume Bottle (Design)
U.S. Patent D738,218: Half-Round Perfume Bottle (Design)
U.S. Patent 9,101,531: Blocking Bar for Vile Having Timed Release (Medical / Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,089,201: Toothbrush Cleaner (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,084,441: Adjustable Collar Stay (Mechanical / Accessories)
U.S. Patent 9,078,248: Coordinated Radio Frequency Channel Allocation (Electrical)
U.S. Patent D733,943: Candle Holder (Design)
U.S. Patent 9,070,297: Addition and Subtraction Teaching Aid (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent D732,824: Gym Bag with Pullout Section (Accessories / Design)
U.S. Patent 9,057,782: Realization of Time-Domain in Wideband Radar (Electrical)
U.S. Patent 9,051,681: Pocket Square (Accessories / Jewelry)
U.S. Patent D731,712: Talon Glove (Design / Accessories)
U.S. Patent D731,660: Sleep Apnea Retainer (Design / Medical)
U.S. Patent 9,045,021: Retractable Sun Shade for an Automobile (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,043,314: Search Engine Result Modification Based on Favorite in Category (Business Method / Software Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,039,012: Football Target Device for Training (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,016,173: Wig with Dual Parting Areas (Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent D728,895: Shirt Collar (Design/Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,016,173: Reaction Arm for Torque Generating Tools (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,010,341: Hair Clip Patent (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,006,982: Daylight Harvesting Control System (Electrical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,004,760: Gym Bag With Pull out Portion (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,002,961: Dating Match Based on Zodiac and Myers-Briggs (Business Method Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,998,666: Triangulate and Send Rescue Device to Overboard Passenger (Electrical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,992,690: Treadmill Toothbrush (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,979,472: Directional Sealable Wind Turbine (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D724,254: Mushroom Lamp (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D723,329: Brewing Cup (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,957,809: Merged Radar Display from Multiple Antennas (Electrical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,936,175: Locked Pill Bottle with Timed Dispense Limits (Medical Patent)
U.S. Patent D721,287: Ground Penetrating Radar Device (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,933,632: LED Electrical Control System (Electrical Patent)
U.S. Patent D721,153: Tree Tent (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D720,974: Wrench (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,925,554: Mouth Guard(Medical/Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,920,271: Torshion Cushioning Sprocket (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D719,305: Cage Crown (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D719,304: Castle Cage Crown (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,899,425: Tool Caddy for Automobile Lift (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D718,514: Tool Caddy for Automobile Lift (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,889,929: Method of Using a Tool Caddy (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D717,379: Building Block (Toy) (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,876,695: Foot Sleeve with Double Portals (Medical Patent)
U.S. Patent D716,642: Adjustable Grabber (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,840,670: Mandible Prostesis (Medical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,831,188: Mask Identity Business Method (Business Method Patent)
U.S. Patent D713,194: Gloves for Touchscreens (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D713,122: Collapsible Lid / Stackable Pots (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D713,040: Teeth Retainer for Buxism (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D711,999: Tree Tent (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,815,023: Boronizing Method for Metals (Chemical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,808,778: Brew Cup - Multilayer (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,806,666: Non-Slip Pockets (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D710,738: Adjustable Bangle (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,794,857: Weighted Mechanical Pencil - Constant Orientation (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,780,205: Camera Orientation Auto Adjust (Electrical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,770,349: Elevator Safety Device (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,730,267: Tilt Tablet to Change Viewpoint on Screen (Electrical Patent)
U.S. Patent D705,110: Cone Holder Device (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,729,720: Efficient Energy Producing System (Electrical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,689,413: Cotton Weave Making Flame Resistant Fabric (Textile Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,687,350: Computer with Cables All on Back Side of Motherboard (Electrical)
U.S. Patent 8,684,453: Portable Picnic Table (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,684,050: Drink Dispenser - Spill Proof (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent D701,117: Food Box Patent (Design)
U.S. Patent D701,083: Griddle Patent (Design)
U.S. Patent D700,466: Floating Chair Patent (Design)
U.S. Patent 8,660,582: Geography-Based Electronic Communication (Software)
U.S. Patent 8,658,015: Magnetic Field in Water Purification (Chemical)
U.S. Patent 8,656,940: Safety System Fluid Conduit (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent D696,424: Boat Ladder Patent (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,598,516: Mass Spectrometry Device and Method (Electrical)
U.S. Patent 8,596,667: Ski with Side Cutouts (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,596,305: Weaving and Finishing a Pile Fabric (Chemical)
U.S. Patent 8,591,235: Handwriting Glove Apparatus (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,583,479: Payment Method with Reward Points and Promissory Note (Business Method)
U.S. Patent 8,579,788: Heart Pump Assist Device (Medical)
U.S. Patent 8,575,783: Solar Panel Used as Infrared Receiver to Control Panel (Electrical)
U.S. Patent D692,683: Over Door Blanket Hanger (Design)
U.S. Patent 8,554,608: Taxi Hailing Using Smartphone (Business Method)
U.S. Patent 8,550,291: Collapsible Handles for Cookware (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D689,340: Empananda Fork (Second Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D688,320 . . . D688,327:Beach Toy Series (Eight Design Patents)
U.S. Patent D685,619: Cup and Straw Holder (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,474,108:Jewelry Clasp - Opposiing Magnetic Force Clasp (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,465,986:Submergible Spray Chamber (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D684,408: Blanket Holder (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,452.084: Compressing Elevation Maps (Software Patent)
U.S. Patent D681,499: Triple Ring (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D681,390: Warming Mat (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D679,854: Electric Candle(Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D678,117: Ring (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D677,945: Table (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D677,068: Chair (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,380,716: Mind Map + Social Networking Patent (Software Patent
U.S. Patent 8,369,508: Duplicate Call Leg Detection & Canada Patent 2,726,053 (Telecommunications)
U.S. Patent 8,369,501: CallerID Unmasking ("TrapCall") (Telecommunications)
U.S. Patent 8,357,128: Portable Eye-Wiping Patent (Medical) 
U.S. Patent 8,321,995: Pallet Glide (Mechanical) 
U.S. Patent D671,804: Kitchen Utensil - Empanada Patent (Design)
U.S. Patent 8,301,547: Financial Trading System (Business Method)
U.S. Patent 8,298,293: Pacifier Weaning Device and Method (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,286,812: Irreversibly Selected Indicia (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,260,695: Secondary Electrical Power Meter (Electrical)
U.S. Patent 8,251,366: Cylindrical Puzzle (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent D665,208: Tape Dispenser (Design)
U.K. Patent 2,459,010: Irreversibly Selected Indicia (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,229,224: Image Recognition to Manipulate Hardware Device (Software Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,219,470: Verifying Paycheck Data (Business Method)
U.S. Patent 8,187,393: Boronization of Metals, including Titanium (Chemical)
U.S. Patent D661,027 Helmet Design (Design)
U.S. Patent 8,162,738: Lottery System Using RFID (Telecom / Business Method)
U.S. Patent D657,824: Board Game (Design)
U.S. Patent 8,128,089: RFID Bingo Balls & Bingo Game (Electrical)
U.S. Patent 8,123,870: Handheld Sterilization Device (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,123,041: Separation of Loose Medium in Fluid Mixture (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,115,667: Air-Launched Ground Penetrating Radar System (Electrical)
U.S. Patent 8,111,815: Fraud Protection by Anonymizing Customer Contact Information (Business Method)
U.S. Patent D652,529: Kitchen Sterilization Deivce (Design)
U.S. Patent 8,083,454: Timber (Wood) Connectors (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,073,322: Simultaneous Exposure of Parallel Rolls of Film Patent (Photography)
U.S. Patent D644,547:  Design Patent: Fire AlarmWorldwide and U.S. Patents
U.S. Patent D636,265: Design Patent on Safety Cap
U.S. Patent D626,856: Design Patent on Perfume Bottle
U.S. Patent 7,783,526: Electronic Auction Patent (business method)
U.S. Patent 7,664,242: CallerID Spoofing (Telecommunications).
U.S. Patent 7,578,086: Frame Device Patent (Mechanical).
U.S. Patent D606,584: Foldable Card (Design)
U.S. Patent D604,501: Earphone Carrying Case (Design)
South Korea Patent 0995433:  Receptacle/Switch and Terminal Block (Electrical, in Korean)