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Patents by Attorney Lawrence Fridman

The following is a list of Lawrence G. Fridman's Patents from 2007 to present.  Older Patents are available on the USPTO website.
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Electromechanical 8,996,319
Integrated phased array transducer, system and methodology for structural health monitoring of aerospace structures
Electrical 8,994,157
Circuit system in a package
Design D721,399
Credit card
Design D720,975
Ratchet socket wrench
Mechanical 8,926,398
Under garment
Design D719,801
Torque wrench
Mechanical 8,915,420
Wardrobe box
Design D718,119
Support structure
Design D717,637
Mounting coupler
Electrical 8,830,007
Ultra-low noise VCO
Electrical 8,803,612
Low-noise amplifier with high linearity
Communication 8,792,870
System and method for delivery of data between a data provider and a mobile telephone network subscriber
Electrical 8,749,989
Carrier for LTCC components
Mechanical 8,733,000
Advertisement display and method of use
Design D705,510
Hamper frame
Design D704,788
Bolt knob for a bolt-action rifle
Electrical 8,706,496
Audio signal transforming by utilizing a computational cost function
Communication 8,693,966
Method for base stations for overall cell signal decoding
Mechanical 8,668,132
Storage box
Electrical 8,664,612
Layered semiconductor scintillator
Mechanical 8,662,269
Carrying case for portable electronic devices with suspended inner compartment
Mechanical 8,646,678
Electromechanical 8,627,730
Torque sensor with u-profile web
Mechanical 8,561,746
Mechanical 8,516,922
Bicycle pedal assembly
Mechanical 8,512,772
Dietary supplement for promotion of hair pigment restoration
Design D687,701
Mounting coupler
Mechanical 8,485,453
Drinking straw
Electrical 8,482,259
Battery charge status indicator for user terminal device
Mechanical 8,449,340
Personal propulsion apparatus and method associated therewith
Mechanical 8,418,873
Trash receptacle with vacuum release vents
Design D677,941
Low profile drum rack
Electrical 8,296,655
Context sensitive information management system and method
Mechanical 8,286,692
Method for reduction of interstitial elements in cast alloys and system for performing the method
Electrical 8,253,109
Slab scintillator with integrated double-sided photoreceiver
Communication 8,224,339
Mobile network with inverse frequency superposition
Communication 8,185,629
Access control for M2M devices in a mobile communication network
Electrical 8,158,941
Bolometric sensor with high TCR and tunable low resistivity
Electrical 8,158,871
Audio recording analysis and rating
Mechanical 8,156,615
Connecting structures
Design D655,084
Carrying case for portable electronic device
Mechanical 8,128,006
Apparatus and method for dispensing flavoring substance
Electrical 8,117,887
Operating device for testing torque wrenches
Design D654,126
Chest exercise device
Mechanical 8,109,547
Apparatus and method for collecting animal droppings
Communication 8,090,922
Chip cards and related method for memory management
Communication 8,084,838
Large-area PIN diode with reduced capacitance
Mechanical 8,057,348
Differential for vehicles
Medical 8,029,507
Orthopedic method for correcting angular bone deformity
Mechanical 8,001,762
Method and device to increase thrust and efficiency of jet engine
Mechanical 7,988,105
Fastener easily detached from attached objects
Design D640,879
Bicycle seat
Design D640,438
Load carrying arrangement
Mechanical 7,942,293
Cosmetic holder for carrying by user
Mechanical 7,927,163
Recreational flotation device
Mechanical 7,885,780
Operating device for calibrating torque wrenches
Electrical 7,878,076
Torque tool with power amplifier
Communication 7,877,095
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