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Mechanical Patents

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Mechanical 8,926,398
Under garment
Mechanical 8,915,420
Wardrobe box
Mechanical 8,733,000
Advertisement display and method of use
Mechanical 8,668,132
Storage box
Mechanical 8,662,269
Carrying case for portable electronic devices with suspended inner compartment
Mechanical 8,646,678
Mechanical 8,561,746
Mechanical 8,516,922
Bicycle pedal assembly
Mechanical 8,512,772
Dietary supplement for promotion of hair pigment restoration
Mechanical 8,485,453
Drinking straw
Mechanical 8,449,340
Personal propulsion apparatus and method associated therewith
Mechanical 8,418,873
Trash receptacle with vacuum release vents
Mechanical 8,286,692
Method for reduction of interstitial elements in cast alloys and system for performing the method
Mechanical 8,156,615
Connecting structures
Mechanical 8,128,006
Apparatus and method for dispensing flavoring substance
Mechanical 8,109,547
Apparatus and method for collecting animal droppings
Mechanical 8,057,348
Differential for vehicles
Mechanical 8,001,762
Method and device to increase thrust and efficiency of jet engine
Mechanical 7,988,105
Fastener easily detached from attached objects
Mechanical 7,942,293
Cosmetic holder for carrying by user
Mechanical 7,927,163
Recreational flotation device
Mechanical 7,885,780
Operating device for calibrating torque wrenches
Mechanical 7,866,296
Rotary piston machine with an oval rotary piston
Mechanical 7,841,100
Angle measuring device
Mechanical 7,762,937
Exercise apparatus
Mechanical 7,761,970
Method of manufacturing of electrosurgical implements
Mechanical D617,689
Bicycle crank arm
Mechanical 7,722,115
Method and apparatus for bicycle seat adjustment
Mechanical 7,594,446
Operating device for testing torque wrenches
Mechanical 7,568,645
Beater for a rotary shredder
Mechanical 7,566,081
Cushioning clip
Mechanical 7,513,334
Powered rope climbing apparatus
Mechanical 7,488,239
Assembly for grinding electrodes
Mechanical 7,467,496
Method for joining components of inflatable structures
Mechanical 7,458,999
Method of storing solar energy
Mechanical 7,434,600
Pressurized actuator system for inflatable structures
Mechanical 7,431,358
Non-metallic reinforced door handle adapter
Mechanical 7,386,995
Device for producing dry ice and pressure relief thereof
Mechanical 7,378,009
Method of controlling an aluminum cell with variable alumina dissolution rate
Mechanical D566,832
Spherical vacuum desiccator
Mechanical 7,318,630
Modular laboratory cabinet
Mechanical 7,309,267
Integrated float raft
Mechanical 7,234,616
Friction arrangement for hosiery donning aid
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