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Medical & Chemical Patents


U.S. Patent D775,310: Bent Distillation Head (Design / Chemical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,517,369: Heat Expanding Conduit Wire as Fire Stop (Chemical/Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,504,834: Pacemaker Threshold Testing Based on Pulse Oximeter Output Curve (Medical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,499,440: Recycling Heavy Metal Waste (Chemical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,486,016:Clavicle Port Bra (Accessory / Fashion / Medical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,409,770: Adsorbable Gas Storage System and Production Method (Chemical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,261,217: Resin Layer Expansion into Pipe for Point Repair (Chemical / Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,192,702: Autonomous Artificial Heart (Medical)
U.S. Patent 9,101,531: Blocking Bar for Vile Having Timed Release (Medical / Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent D731,660: Sleep Apnea Retainer (Design / Medical)
U.S. Patent 9,044,383: Compounds and Methods for Drug Delivery via a Human Nail (Chemical)
U.S. Patent 8,936,175: Locked Pill Bottle with Timed Dispense Limits (Medical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,925,554: Mouth Guard (Medical / Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,840,670: Mandible Prostesis (Medical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,815,023: Boronizing Method for Metals (Chemical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,689,413: Cotton Weave Making Flame Resistent Fabric (Textile Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,658,015: Magnetic Field in Water Purification (Chemical)
U.S. Patent 8,596,305: Weaving and Finishing a Pile Fabric (Chemical)
U.S. Patent 8,579,788: Heart Pump Assist Device (Medical)
U.S. Patent 8,357,128: Portable Eye-Wiping Patent (Medical) 
U.S. Patent 8,187,393: Boronization of Metals, including Titanium (Chemical)
U.S. Patent 8,048,231: Medical Patent: Cavitation and Ozone for Sterilization
U.S. Patent 7,942,809: Medical Patent: Flexible Endoscopic Wire