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Mechanical Patents

U.S. Patent 9,517,858: Compactly Stacking Wire Chafing Stand (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,517,369: Heat Expanding Conduit Wire as Fire Stop (Chemical/Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,510,652: Locket with Picture (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,499,340: Gravity Conveyor Patent (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,498,877: Shovel Patent (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,492,022:Sheet and Bed Tightener (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,464,392 :Battery Operated Parking Barrier (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,439,521: Angled Hook and Locking Connector (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,414,712: Wire Chafing Stand with Compact Stacking (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,339,678: Modular Resistance Force System (Figlin)(Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,295,343: Restraint and Support for Child in a Chair (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,289,887: Wrench with integrated support rest (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,273,893: Rapidly Freezing Spherically Shaped Cryogenic Foods (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,261,217: Resin Layer Expansion into Pipe for Point Repair (Chemical / Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,226,571: Water-line Toothbrush Cleaner (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,204,752: Layered Coffee Brewing Cup (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,157,567: Traveler Bag with Laptop Holder (Cheryl Figlin, Esq) (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,089,201: Toothbrush Cleaner (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,084,441: Adjustable Collar Stay (Mechanical / Accessories)
U.S. Patent 9,070,297: Addition and Subtraction Teaching Aid (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,045,021: Retractable Sun Shade for an Automobile (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 9,039,012: Football Target Device for Training (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,016,173: Reaction Arm for Torque Generating Tools (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,010,341: Hair Clip Patent (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,004,760: Gym Bag With Pull out Portion (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,992,690: Treadmill Toothbrush (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,979,472: Directional Sealable Wind Turbine (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,920,271: Torshion Cushioning Sprocket (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,899,425: Tool Caddy for Automobile Lift (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,889,929: Method for Tool Caddy Use (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,876,695: Foot Sleeve with Double Portals (Apparel Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,827,098: Collapsible Lid / Stackable Pots (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,808,778: Brew Cup - Multilayer (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,806,666: Non-Slip Pockets (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,794,857: Weighted Mechanical Pencil - Constant Orientation (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,770,349: Elevator Safety Device (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,684,453: Portable Picnic Table (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,684,050: Drink Dispenser - Spill Proof (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,656,940: Safety System Fluid Conduit (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,596,667: Ski with Side Cutouts (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,591,235: Handwriting Glove Apparatus (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,550,291:Collapsible Handles for Cookware (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,474,108:Jewelry Clasp - Opposiing Magnetic Force Clasp (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,465,986:Submergible Spray Chamber (Mechanical Patent)
U.S. Patent 8,321,995: Pallet Glide (Mechanical) 
U.S. Patent 8,298,293: Pacifier Weaning Device and Method (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,286,812: Irreversibly Selected Indicia (Mechanical)
U.K. Patent 2,459,010: Irreversibly Selected Indicia (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,251,366: Cylindrical Puzzle (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,123,870: Handheld Sterilization Device (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,123,041: Separation of Loose Medium in Fluid Mixture (Mechanical)
U.S. Patent 8,073,322: Simultaneous Exposure of Parallel Rolls of Film Patent 
U.S. Patent 8,056,706: Mechanical Patent: Water Carrying Lift 
U.S. Patent 7,739,848: Roofing Panel Interlock System Patent 
U.S. Patent 7,578,086: Frame Device Patent