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Jewelry & Accessories Patents

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U.S. Patent 9,486,016:Clavicle Port Bra (Accessory / Fashion / Medical Patent)
U.S. Patent D771,312 :Raised Bow (Fashion / Accessory Patent)
U.S. Patent D768,997 :Pooch Smooch (Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D767,892: Garment Bag and Luggage Combination (Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent D766,590: Foam Hair Brush (Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent D763,569: Phone Purse (Fashion/Accessory Patent)
U.S. Patent D762,009: Hair Curling Sponge (Accessories / Design Patent)
U.S. Patent D757,401: Ponytail Hat (Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent D754,024: Gem setting in basket (Jewelry Patent)
U.S. Patent D753,016: Gem Setting in a Basket (Jewelry Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,289,035: Self-adjustable jewelry clasp (Jewelry Patent)
U.S. Patent D752,293: Hair Extension Clip (Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent D751,945: Gem Setting in a Basket (Jewelry Patent)
U.S. Patent D749,455: Tessellating Ring Design(Jewelry)
U.S. Patent D741,720: Rectangular Perfume Bottle (Design)
U.S. Patent D738,220: Perfume Bottle (Design)
U.S. Patent 9,084,441: Adjustable Collar Stay (Mechanical / Accessories)
U.S. Patent D732,824: Gym Bag with Pullout Section (Accessories / Design)
U.S. Patent 9,051,681: Pocket Square (Accessories / Jewelry)
U.S. Patent D731,712: Talon Glove (Design / Accessories)
U.S. Patent 9,016,173: Wig with Dual Parting Areas (Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent D728,895: Shirt Collar (Design/Accessories Patent)
U.S. Patent 9,010,341: Hair Clip Patent
U.S. Patent 8,591,235: Handwriting Glove Apparatus 
U.S. Patent 8,474,108:Jewelry Clasp - Opposing Magnetic Force Clasp 
U.S. Patent D713,194: Gloves for Touchscreens
U.S. Patent D710,738: Adjustable Bangle
U.S. Patent D681,499: Triple Ring 
U.S. Patent D678,117: Ring
U.S. Patent 8,357,128: Portable Eye-Wiping Patent
U.S. Patent 8,298,293: Pacifier Weaning Device and Method
U.S. Patent D661,027 Helmet Design
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