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Accelerated Patent Examination

Accelerated Patent Examination

The U.S. Patent Office has between about a 1.5 year and 5 year backlog before responding with even a first Office Action.  If you're over 65 or are patenting technology in specific area, you can automatically cut in front of the line.  For everyone else, you can have your application examined in about four months for an extra $1,130 or $2,130 (depending on your income and how many prior applications you have filed at the patent office).





1) File a "Petition for Accelerated Examination" with your initial patent filing.

2) File your application electronically.  (All applications filed by the Law Office of Michael J. Feigin, Esq. are filed electronically.)

3) File no more than 20 claims with up to 3 independent claims.  (For a non-accelerated application, this is same number which is included with the basic U.S. Patent Office filing fees.)

4) Submit an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) with a maximum of 20 prior art references which are materially relevant to the claims in your patent application.

5) Submit the fees.